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L’expérience client comme critère de priorisation


Have you ever looked at your list of prioritized projects and felt like something is missing? Despite having used a solid and structured prioritization methodology that takes into account cost, benefits and risk of implementation, you may well have forgotten a key decision criterion: ability to deliver a better customer experience. The benefit of a positive customer experience on the bottom line has been documented many times in recent years, (see the HBR article: “The Value of Customer Experience, [...]

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Vos investissements TI font-ils progresser votre stratégie d'entreprise?


Are your IT investments being influenced by the executive who shouts the loudest? Are you unable to finish a single implementation project because of changing company priorities? When funds are limited, is your company unable to decide between replacing obsolete systems or enabling industry best practice capabilities via new technologies? If so, it’s likely that you need to better align your IT strategy with your overall corporate strategy. As Gartner puts it, “when enterprise strategy is unclear, or not [...]

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