Helping you acquire solutions and capabilities that deliver business results

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Helping you acquire solutions and capabilities that deliver business results

Discover Our Services

Is your organization in the process of acquiring technological capabilities
to serve specific business needs?

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We are Management Consultants offering services to align your technology with your business needs.

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Rachel Bachmann
Rachel Bachmann
President, Akiri Consultants Inc.
Why Choose Akiri?

“Our clients choose us because we focus on identifying what makes their business unique, as well as their core competencies, and using that information to establish the best path forward.”

Rachel Bachmann
Rachel Bachmann
President, Akiri Consultants Inc.

Our Clients


Akiri Consultants understood exactly what we wanted to accomplish and provided helpful advice that makes a meaningful difference to our business.  Their expertise in supply chain, logistics and business analysis in an Omnichannel retail environment proved to be the right choice.  We have benefited greatly from their expertise in defining and designing the Customer Journey.  They offered professional, knowledgeable and the experience that was critical to protecting our investment.

We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach and would definitely work with them again.

Jean-Christophe Bedos, CEO & President, Maison Birks

Professional, knowledgeable and approachable are the words that describe Rachel.

Rachel’s best quality is her ability to command a room and keep the audience focused on the subject at hand. Her interactive approach allows the conversation to move forward and draw from all participants, even the ones that traditionally would be uneasy in sharing their experience.

Robert Miele, ERP Program Manager, Stella-Jones

Rachel has lots of energy, is very focused and provided a structured approach to ensure we went through all business aspects before making our final decision. I would definitively work with her again!

Serge Dubé, CEO & President, Vetdiet International

Akiri Consultants worked their magic to make our team more magical! Their approach to Journey Mapping is clear, accessible, respectful and inclusive but also practical enough to produce results quickly. They made an invaluable contribution to kickstarting our journey towards the future for our organization!

Carola Weil, Dean, McGill School of Continuing Studies

Our News

  • Hands holding cellphones with the Covid-19 Alert App 

Defining User Requirements? Think like a User!

January 25th, 2021|

Image from the Government of Canada. When developing a new product or solution, an often forgotten element is that a technology’s ascent to success strongly depends on its adoption and utilization. The Covid-19 Alert App is a great example of a product where user adoption depends on more than just [...]

  • Digital cannabis leaf shows how industry 4.0 technologies can help implement smart greenhouses

What will Cannabis 4.0 look like?

December 10th, 2020|

Imagine this: a greenhouse equipped with the latest HID lighting, automated irrigation & nutrient distribution systems, as well as sensors that can detect the humidity, the height of the plants and even cultivation readiness based on image recognition of the flower. All of these technologies exist today in different phases [...]

  • Cannabis smart greenhouse using techology to manage crop production

Technology for Surviving a Pandemic

November 26th, 2020|

Cannabis Retailing Innovations Accelerated by Covid-19 Copy of article published in Cannabis Retailer. In March 2020, some provinces deemed cannabis an essential service and allowed physical storefronts to continue operations. Other provinces closed their outlets and implemented temporary restrictions, such as mandating private retailers to conduct curbside pickup. For those [...]

  • The GirlBoss project

Rachel Bachmann, GirlBoss

August 17th, 2020|

"I never thought I would become an entrepreneur. It took me a while to feel comfortable with the title. I just discovered that I loved what I was doing, but that I wanted a change of environment that allowed me to customize my approach and thrive. I defined myself as [...]

  • Mapping your customer’s store experience

Mapping your customer’s store experience

August 14th, 2019|

Article originally posted on August 2nd 2019, read an excerpt below: As a retailer, you have probably made hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions since the legalization of cannabis was announced. Where should I source my product? Where should I open my brick and mortar store(s)? What POS software [...]

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Our News

  • The GirlBoss project

Rachel Bachmann, GirlBoss

August 17th, 2020|

«J’ai démarré mon entreprise en 2019, on vient de fêter notre première année en mars. J’ai pris la décision de me lancer principalement pour avoir une meilleure flexibilité d’horaire, mais aussi pour permettre de créer mon service personnalisé. Étant une mère de deux enfants qui travaille à temps plein, pouvoir [...]

  • Consultant animating workshop session on customer journey mapping

L’expérience client comme critère de priorisation

April 7th, 2019|

Have you ever looked at your list of prioritized projects and felt like something is missing? Despite having used a solid and structured prioritization methodology that takes into account cost, benefits and risk of implementation, you may well have forgotten a key decision criterion: ability to deliver a better [...]

Vos investissements TI font-ils progresser votre stratégie d’entreprise

March 8th, 2019|

Are your IT investments being influenced by the executive who shouts the loudest? Are you unable to finish a single implementation project because of changing company priorities? When funds are limited, is your company unable to decide between replacing obsolete systems or enabling industry best practice capabilities via new [...]

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