Business Analysts: The Key to Business and Technology Integration

Business analysts (BAs) are essential to the success of any organization in order to integrate technology with their operations. They understand the potential of technology, can explain it to stakeholders, and help to find the right solution that will improve the business’s performance. They essentially act as a bridge between the technical and non-technical aspects of the business, translating complex technical concepts into terms that non-technical stakeholders can understand. Business analysts can also prioritize tasks and initiatives and build a [...]

Tech trends for a more resilient supply chain

Download your own copy of our infographic by clicking HERE. More than ever before – during these last few months with the pandemic disrupting networks and consumer behaviours – supply chains have been challenged. The weakest links from supplier to customer were tested, and they often broke under repeated and intense pressure. Many supply chains have not yet recovered. How can technology help get us back on track and ensure our supply chains run smoothly – and are more [...]

Eight important questions to ask a potential ERP solution vendor

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system touches many different parts of the business such as R&D, Finance, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing and HR so choosing the right one is very important. Most ERP solutions will cover 80% of what businesses need, but what about the unique requirements of each company? With so many ERP vendors on the market, how do you know which vendor will be the right fit for your organization?  Sometimes, it is just knowing where [...]

Defining User Requirements? Think like a User!

Image from the Government of Canada. When developing a new product or solution, an often forgotten element is that a technology’s ascent to success strongly depends on its adoption and utilization. The Covid-19 Alert App is a great example of a product where user adoption depends on more than just the right technology. Since the benefits of this app positively correlates with the number of people who decide to install it, the user experience was put at the forefront of [...]